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Because of the wide variety of towel materials and thicknesses, it's important to note that Towel Ties will not fit all towels. However, each Towel Tie has two different sizing options that will work with most medium thickness kitchen towels. If you have a flour sack, dish, or thin tea towel, you will likely need a Filler Strip. A Towel Tie will also work with most medium thickness bath hand towels but may not work on thick plush hand towels or bath towels. Here is a sizing guide to help you determine whether or not your towel will work with our ties. 

Grab your towel and drape it over the oven handle or wherever you plan to hang it. Take a flexible tape measure or a piece of string/ribbon and wrap it around the gathered towel. Make sure not to wrap it too tightly since string/ribbon will likely wrap tighter than a Towel Tie. Once you've wrapped your measuring tool around the towel, mark where it touches and measure that length with a ruler. Towel Ties will fit towels between 6.5" and 7.25" all the way around. If your towel is smaller than 6.5" around, don't fret! A Filler Strip will allow you to use a Towel Tie!