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Will a Towel Tie work with bathroom hand towels?

Towel Ties will work with most bathroom hand towels of medium thicknesses. However, they will not work with very thick plush hand towels or bath towels. For more information, please visit our "Will it Fit?" page. 

How will I know if it fits my towel?

Check out our "Will it Fit?" page listed on the main menu. It will walk you through the process to make sure the Towel Tie will fit your towels.

What if my towel is too thin?

Not to worry! We have a solution for you. A Filler Strip from our products page will allow you to use a Towel Tie. 

Are Towel Ties actually going to keep my towel off the floor?

While Towel Ties definitely help keep your towels off the floor, there is no guarantee that they will prevent your towel from ever falling down. If the Towel Tie is too loose on your thinner towels, we recommend using a Filler Strip to keep it more secure. If you have a very determined toddler, they may find a way to remove it (where there's a will, there's a way).  However, for most people Towel Ties will keep your towel off the floor.

Why are some snaps difficult to fasten?

We use a strong snap to ensure that the Towel Tie stays securely fastened and to give that determined toddler a run for their money. 

How do I care for the leather?

Check out the bottom of our instructions page to learn more about how to care for your Towel Tie.

Will the leather stain my towel?

The leather itself, penetrated with ColorFast, will not stain your towel. However, there's a chance that some residual leather dust from the laser cutting process may transfer to your towel. We've taken the effort to clean each piece, but if minor residue rubs off, any discoloration should come out in the wash. 

Will a wet towel ruin the leather?

We realize that typically you want to keep leather away from water to prevent cracking, however, we use a special leather that is penetrated with oils and tallows to make it more water resistant than your typical leather. While we don't recommend submerging your Towel Tie in water, it will do just fine with the typical wear and tear of kitchen life. However, we suggest keeping the portion directly encased by your Towel Tie dry to prevent mildew growth.

Why is the leather so stiff?

If your Towel Tie feels a little stiffer than you expected, don’t worry, this is totally normal! Because leather is a natural product, it will loosen with use to feel more like the leather you may be familiar with.

Why does my Towel Tie smell strange, and will it always smell this way?

Our Filigree line is manufactured with a laser cutting process that often produces a burnt leather smell.  Not to worry!  This smell will fade with time.

Do you have any non-leather options?

While we don't currently have any non-leather options, we would like to in the future. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when new lines are available.