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(1) Drape the towel over the oven handle and adjust to desired length. To increase the drying surface, we recommend roughly 2/3 in the front. (2) Gather the towel together to the center just under the handle. (3) Wrap the Towel Tie around the gathered towel, and snap it together behind the towel.

The same process can be used to secure towels to dishwasher handles and bathroom towel rings.




(1) Each Towel Tie includes two snaps to allow for varying towel thicknesses. 

(2) Fold the sides of the towel underneath for a tidier wrap. 

(3) Wrap the front fold around the back tail for optimal presentation. 

(4) For thinner towels, consider using the Filler Strip highlighted below.



(1) Simply drape the filler strip over the oven handle and snap it together. (2) Center your thin towel over the strip and gather it together just under the handle. (3) Wrap the Towel Tie around the towel and snap it behind. (4) Adjust as desired.



(1) Do not submerge Towel Tie in water or put it in the washer. 

(2) Use leather cleaner to clean and extend the life of the Towel Tie.

(3) Leather dust may rub off on your towel but will wash off in the laundry.

(4) For more information and tips, visit our FAQ page.