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We are a small family business with backgrounds in construction, business management, photography/graphic design, and computer programming. What started as our mother's fun idea for keeping the towel on the oven handle soon turned into an elegant product she wanted to share. It quickly became a family endeavor as we used our talents to make her dream come true. 

Because we are a family business, you can rest assured that we put our love and attention into each Towel Tie as it passes through our hands to yours. We thank you for your support and hope your Towel Tie brings joy to your home like it does to ours!


Towel Ties started with a frustrated grandma who had reached her limit picking up crumpled towels off the kitchen floor. As long as there have been kitchen towels, grandmothers have been trying to solve this dilemma with the crocheted towel topper, and that's where this journey began. With a skein of yarn, kitchen towel, and crochet hook in hand, this grandma was armed for battle - when a better idea struck. What if a band of some kind could be attached around the towel to secure it to the handle?

The first working models of Towel Ties were clunky and unsophisticated, but over a lengthy period of time several other prototypes emerged using a variety of materials. Then some leather scraps changed everything. She devoted countless hours crafting a simple leather band into a functional, yet sophisticated decoration. With the help of family members, this simple idea turned into a viable product and business, capable of solving sloppy towel problems in any kitchen or bathroom.