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How to Keep Your Towel From Falling on the Floor

It's an age-old problem. You wash your hands and reach for the towel only to find it on the floor. Whether your toddler pulled it off the bar or it just fell off naturally, it's annoying and now it's dirty.

So what are your choices? Unless you use paper towels exclusively, most of the only solutions have been homemade and DIY. Do any of these look familiar?

These are not necessarily bad options, but they do require work and skill that not all of us may have. And although some of these options look nice, a lot of them do not look or feel sophisticated. So what are your options if you want a beautiful, sophisticated kitchen? Before you decide to get rid of towels entirely and replace your them with paper towels, check this out:

Introducing the Towel Tie. It's made of premium full grain leather and is available in multiple designs and colors to match your style. This simple solution will provide your towels and your kitchen with a little rugged sophistication that will provide both beauty and function. That's what we call a win-win. Check out the products page to see which Towel Tie you fall in love with!

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